About me

Hello Im susanne Olsson and i living in hälsingland in sweden.

The whole ting beginning 1994 om Målarting in alfta with 
Leif eriksson as teatcher.
Since then watercolor painting is what I am passionate about.

I got into vallbacksschool in Gävle 1999-01.
two years that went way to fast.
A school widthout teching of english and swedish.
it was only to use 
the hands, sculpture, sign and paint.
it was a dream.

On weekdays i work as substitutes so the farmers 
can take a break sometimes.

The best painting become when i sitting 
in the wilderness near the motif and paints.

I must be fast and sharp and in the 
right moment pour water on the painting to get 
flow to provide the extra dimension.
My first real exhibition was in 
the arthall in Bollnäs 2003.